24-welcomers “… liturgy flourishes in a climate of hospitality: a situation in which people are comfortable with one another, either knowing or being introduced to one another;”
(Environment and Art in Catholic Worship 11.)

With a large worshipping community as Holy Spirit is the above continues to challenge us. Several helpful aspects to building a worshipping community exist. Off street parking where people greet each other,a gathering place displaying parish activities,(also used by young parents and their children during the week) and ministers whose role is to greet people and give them the hymn book as they enter the church, are some of the features in existence.

Parishioners are invited to be welcomers at Sunday Mass. We know from our experience that a climate of hospitality does encourage us to participate more fully, perhaps even to sing with more enthusiasm and indeed to know that our presence is essential for the liturgy to be effective in our living and worshipping together.