The preparation of children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Confession), First Eucharist (Holy Communion) and Confirmation is a parish based and familycentred process, here at Holy Spirit Parish.

Christophers First Holy Communion 1 3

[Christopher Beatty and family, with Fr Peter after his First Holy Communion 10/2014]

We encourage and nurture parents in the preparation of their children through Group Learning. At these sessions, parents are encouraged to share their faith experiences and pass down their faith to their children. This is an excellent way for the children to see Christ’s love alive and working through each one of us.


Our Sacramental Program is advertised through the Parish Website, Bulletins and Announcements at Mass for a month prior to the First Information Meeting for Parents. Recently to avoid disappointment, we have also handed out notices at Holy Spirit Primary, Trinity Catholic and all State Schools through the regular Scripture Classes. We cannot personally invite everyone and ensure that everyone gets notified so please be aware of the enrolment months and criteria for enrolment below to avoid missing out.


Here at Holy Spirit, we offer:

First Reconciliation to Year 3 students

Holy Communion to Year 4 Students

Confirmation to Year 5 or 6 Students 

Your child is welcome to join the program if they are older than the suggested age.The program is advertised at all local Catholic and State Primary Schools in St Clair/Erskine Park/Kemps Creek.

Please contact the Sacramental Coordinator at the Parish Office if your child;

  • Has not been Baptised
  • Is 17 years or older
  • Has been baptised in a non denominational ceremony or a non Christian ceremony
  • Has been baptised in a differerent Rite (for Eg Melkite)



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