19-readersLike all ministries, the Ministry of Reading is a service to God and God’s people. This ministry was established by Pope Paul VI in response to the Vatican Council which called this ministry "exalted".

The reader’s main responsibility is to let God speak through him/her. Nothing about him/her ought to divert the attention of the people from the message to the messenger.

Qualities Needed

Persons chosen to serve as readers need:

  • to be willing to grow in their devotion to the scriptures and to the Eucharist. They need to learn to meditate on the Word of God and by study, prayer and reading seek to grow into a warm and living love for scripture. St Augustine says, "We should make a nest in our hearts for the Word of God."
  • technical qualities, including the ability to understand what is being read, and to read this aloud so that others may understand. The use of one’s voice, a deliberate rate of reading, volume, pauses, use of microphone, ability to move gracefully, and other similar qualities can be acquired with training.

Term of Ministry

Service to God and the Church in the ministry of reader should be seen as a firm and stable commitment; it is not for life, however. If a commissioned reader feels unable to fulfil the ministry adequately, he/she can retire with the prayers and public thanks of the parish. The important criteria will not be the length of service but its quality.

As with other ministries formation of new members is essential and available. New members are welcome and especially new parishioners to the parish are invited to become active in the ministry in which you are gifted.

Tess Barnes and Carolann Fonseca are co-ordinators of Readers and more information can be sought from the parish office.