"I wept at the beauty of your hymns and canticles and was powerfully moved at the sweet sound of your church singing. These sounds flowed into my ears, and the truth streamed into my heart."
-St Augustine of Hippo:The Confessions, 9,6.

16-musicministryThe 1963 Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy established that music performs a particular ministerial function in worship and forms a necessary or integral part of the liturgy (CSL, 112). Since 1963 various other documents and decrees on liturgical music have informed the pastoral planning of the parish celebration of the Eucharist.

The Instruction Musicam Sacram 1967 says:

"Liturgical action is given a more noble form when sacred rites are solemnized in song, with the assistance of sacred ministers and the active participation of the people (no. 113).

Pastors of souls must be at pains to ensure that whenever the sacred action is to be celebrated with song, the whole body of the faithful may be able to contribute that active participation which is rightly theirs. (no.114)."

In light of the above principles, congregational singing is an established practice at all Sunday and many weekday masses at Holy Spirit parish. Participation by all in the assembly is encouraged and fostered.

There are 13 music groups in the parish. These act as leader, cantor, animator of the assembly at Eucharist.. Each group is rostered about once a month. Gather Australia and As One Voice are the two resources chiefly used.

Our multicultural parish offers a rich history of music traditions. Rod Pirotta is the music co-ordinator. He can be contacted through the parish office.

"Address One another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with all your heart. He(she) who sings prays twice."
- St. Augustine