14-financeministry2The Finance Ministry works to ensure that the parish community has the material and human resources needed to do its job – spread the Good News of Jesus. The Mission of the Finance Ministry is to assist the Parish Priest, in collaboration with the Pastoral Council, to administer the temporal goods of the parish as required by Canon Law. This ministry gives the parishioners the opportunity to accept some responsibility for the material and financial well being of the community’s resources.

The finances needed by this community are mainly collected at each Sunday Eucharist.

On Sundays, at each Mass, we have two collections: the first is for the support of our priests and the works of the Augustinian Order; and the second is to support Holy Spirit Parish itself and its mission.

The collections are taken up one after the other after the Prayers of Intercession and are brought forward with the gifts of bread and wine.

The parish relies on those people who make themselves available at each Mass to be Collectors. They understand their function as part of the liturgical action. The offering of money as part of a liturgical celebration is first and foremost a symbol. It symbolises the congregation’s willingness to be joined with Jesus Christ is his commitment to his people.

Our major source of income is through the Planned Giving Envelope System. All parishioners are encouraged to support this method of contribution as it enables the parish to budget on a known pledged amount. Acknowledgements of amounts received are provided yearly. Persons wishing to commit themselves to regular financial contributions by means of the Planned Giving Envelope System may contact the parish office. Contributions can be made via Credit Card and Direct Debit by contacting the parish office to set up an authority.

Other social activities are also run by various parishioners and/or groups within the parish. These activities bond the parish community together and help raise additional funds.

The Chairman of the Parish Finance Ministry can be contacted through the parish office.