The Filipino Catholic Association (FCA) of St. Clair and Erskine Park has been in existence since early 1980’s. It is the association of residents of St. Clair and Erskine Park who are of Filipino ancestry.

It aims:

  1. to promote the spiritual, moral and social welfare of its members by encouraging them to attend and actively participate in the celebration of the Filipino Mass as well as in all the activities of the association;
  2. to support our Parish and Sandiwaan in their activities when or where necessary;
  3. to foster love, unity and charity among its members.

The administration of the Association is vested in the Executive Board which consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, head of the liturgical committee, head of the social committee, and head of the youth and music committee. The term of office is for two years, and the Board sits in office for a fiscal year, 1 July to 30 June of the following year. The Executive Board holds regular meetings every third Friday of the month, and special meetings whenever necessary.

The Filipino Catholic Association operates under the auspices of the Holy Spirit Parish of St. Clair, and is responsible to the Parish Priest. It is responsible for planning the Filipino Mass every first Sunday of each month at 3.30pm at the Holy Spirit Parish Church, St. Clair. In addition, it organizes the celebration of the Filipino Fiesta in October in honour of Our Lady of Most Holy Rosary, the Christmas Party, the Youth Caroling in December, pilgrimage to Berima, Annual Youth and Adult Retreat, Marriage Enrichment and Lectio Divina (Bible Sharing/Prayer Meeting).

For more information contact the Parish Office, who can put you in touch with the co-ordinator.