The Family Groups in Holy Spirit Parish were part of the Passionist Family Group Movement which was originally established by Father Peter McGrath C.P. at St Anthony in the Fields Parish, Terry Hills in 1972.

13-familygroupsOur Parish had a number of Family Groups made up of approximately a dozen families in each group. The group was something like an extended family, with a cross section of ages, but some children of the same age.

Anyone and everyone was welcome to join, from grandparents to babies. There was room for non-Catholic spouses, one-parent families and single people (either elderly or young).

The groups usually gathered once a month (eg. a picnic, barbecue, casserole night) to enjoy being with one another and gradually to develop supportive relationships. Some get-togethers were just for adults (to give them a bit of breathing space); whereas others were for the whole family. The groups worked together to foster the parish community and support the pastors.

Sharing experiences like a weekend away, a home Mass, baptisms and anniversaries were highlights in a Family Group’s calendar.

This was the way in which Family Groups live the faith in the everyday circumstances of their lives.

It is possible that Family Groups will be re introduced in the near future. For further enquiries about Family Groups at Holy Spirit Parish, please call the Parish office on 9670 8222.