“Each one of us has received a special gift, so, like good stewards responsible for all these different graces for God, let us put ourselves at the service of others” (Peter 4:10)

The Mission of the Holy Spirit Parish Community Carers’ Group is:

To seek to participate in the healing ministry of Christ, by promoting hope, health, dignity and freedom, through attentive personal care and advocacy for community members, particularly the disadvantaged and those who are in any way wounded by contemporary society.

Services Offered

If you need assistance please come forward and let us know. You can contact us through the Parish Office. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there are others in greater need than you. It is truly a blessing and a privilege to be able to offer care and concern.

  1. Visitation to the aged, home-bound, handicapped, sick or lonely.
    Regular visiting of people who would otherwise be isolated.
  2. Visitation by An Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist.
    Ministry to those unable to attend Mass.
  3. Bereavement Support
    Practical help i.e. house sitting during the funeral service, and other concrete assistance.

    Visitation to the bereaved so that they have an opportunity to share memories of their loved one.

    Ensuring that the Parish observes the first anniversary of the death.
  4. Visitation to Welcome New Comers
    New Comers need to be introduced to the parish. We provide a warm and friendly welcome. The new comer is visited by a parishioner who will share information about the Parish and other relevant information on general community facilities and amenities.
  5. Visitation of Families of Newly Baptised Babies
    Visit the family to welcome a new baby taking a gift from the Parish (a medal and a book of prayers). The family will be mailed an invitation to a special blessing Mass.
  6. Home Help / Household / Maintenance / Transport
    We offer transport to and from Sunday Mass and other parish functions. For persons in crisis situations i.e. illness or bereavement we offer limited home-help services.
  7. The St Vincent de Paul Society operates in this parish and sends a representative to the Care Advisory Panel.
  8. If we cannot help you directly we have access to a directory of services and we can help you to find the assistance you need.
  9. Confidentiality

The volunteers who respond to the mission of the Holy Spirit Parish Community Carers’ Group are motivated with a sense of community and inspired to love and help all others as Christ loves them. Therefore confidentiality will be maintained at all times between helper, co-ordinator and parishioner. When a person helps another in crisis, confidences may be exchanged. This shared concern must be respected completely by all involved.