07-churchenvThe weekly care of our worship space depends upon the three groups of volunteers.  These are the Bannermakers, Flower Ministry and Church Cleaners. Hospitality helps create the atmosphere of the worship environment but other elements like church furnishings, banners, floral decorations are necessary for good liturgy and not incidental to it.

Holy Spirit Parish Centre was built in 1983. The Church is a large space, with flexible seating arrangements which can easily be moved to suit the various celebrations e.g. Sunday and week day Masses, Liturgy of the Hours, Liturgy of the Word. Changing the environment to suit the assembly is appropriate as it brings people close together so that they can see and hear the entire liturgical action which helps them feel and become involved.

"As common prayer and ecclesial experience, liturgy flourishes in a climate of hospitality: a situation in which people are comfortable with one another, either knowing or being introduced to one another; a space in which people are seated together, with mobility, in view of one another as well as the focal points of the rite, involved as participants and not as spectators." (Environment and Art in Catholic Worship, I-11)

Some furnishings of artistic note add to the environment.

The Baptismal Font, made from wood, incorporates some leadlighting depicting the Holy Spirit motif in a column designed to hold the paschal candle, which stands over the font. The font itself, made from transparent material, is moulded to an oval shape representing the womb of baptism giving new birth through the waters of regeneration.

The Tabernacle is striking: On the door are the words, "I am who am" in Hebrew, the name of God given to Moses. It rests within "branches" formed by steel channel of varying thicknesses traversed by irregular panels of red, yellow and orange glass. Artificial light from within heightens the effect of the Burning Bush of Mt Sinai.

The Mural also depicts a resemblance between the outstretched arms of the figure of Jesus and the priest-presiding at the Eucharistic assembly. The large mural in the back alcove of the sanctuary was conceptualised by Fr Peter Confeggi OFM, re-interpreted by Mr Ian McKay, a well-known sculptor, using kauri wood from Thailand and metal. The mural represents the Risen Christ appearing as teacher amongst the Pentecostal assembly of the church.The outstretched arm and the nailed feet of Christ incorporate the cruxification.

The six leadlight windows give an account of the Creation. They use the symbols of light, water, and the other elements of the Creation story in the vivid colours of leadlighting, culminating in the depiction of the creation of the first man and woman. Running across the tops of the windows is portrayed the red swirl of the Creating Spirit.

Floral Decorations

02-churchenvaltarFloral decorations make a contribution to our worshipping environment and again reflect the liturgical season. Because of our church design and space, floral arrangements are not a major feature of our environment.

Donations of flowers are always welcomes and can be delivered to the church on Saturday morning.

Couples planning church weddings need to check with the celebrant beforehand about floral decorations that fit the building and that are placed appropriately.


A very active group of about 12 parishioners has been involved in this ministry since the beginning of the parish. Through on-going formation they are tuned into the liturgical life of the parish. Banners reflect the liturgical seasons, the major feasts and the sacramental celebrations of the parish. In many instances the banners also depict the message of the Word proclaimed for that particular Sunday.

Interested parishioners with gifts in this area are encouraged to "let your light shine and not hide it under a bushel."

Please contact Margaret, the co-ordinator through the parish office.

Church Cleaning

Church cleaning is a very necessary and important responsibility for our volunteers. A roster is in place and presently individuals are rostered once every  five weeks. Cleaning can be done on Saturday morning or earlier in the week. If you can spare two hours of your time each five weeks we would love to hear from you. In fact, one hour’s contribution is of great assistance. Contact the parish office for more information.