Trinity Catholic Primary School, Kemps Creek, opened in 1993 as the second Catholic primary school in Holy Spirit Parish. It was founded by the parish community to assist Catholic parents in bringing their children to love God and their neighbour. Emmaus Catholic College (Years 7-12) and the Emmaus Retirement village share the site with Trinity.

Trinity Primary

School Philosophy

Trinity’s spirituality is based around the school’s logo which symbolises the story of Abraham and Sarah at Mamre and the school motto which is ‘In Giving We Receive’. Therefore, there is a strong commitment to creating a school community where all members experience a sense of welcome and belonging based on genuine Christian hospitality.

Trinity’s philosophy of teaching and learning focuses on meeting the needs of each learner and on engaging children in meaningful and relevant tasks. The school aims to provide an environment which gives a balance between support and challenge for each learner.


Our commitment to the one philosophy of teaching and learning is reflected in the composition of the professional learning teams in which the teachers work and learn together.  Teachers in each team meet regularly to set goals, reflect together and support each other in their professional learning journeys.  The challenge is: to be a place where 'we' dominates 'me' and where all work together to get the job done in a mutual search for excellence.

The purpose at Trinity as part of the Church's wider mission, is to provide authentic  teaching and learning experiences which match the needs of the child and support the child in becoming a responsible, independent person.  In particular, the Gospel values of respect, the dignity of each individual, justice and equity are emphasised.



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