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At Holy Spirit School we regard ourselves as a community of learners. We believe that learning is a lifelong process. We are committed to providing a school where children feel happy, safe and cared for and are engaged in learning through quality teaching and learning opportunities. We seek to develop the students as responsible and successful learners who care about themselves, others and our world, and for each child to achieve personal success.

We acknowledge that each child is unique and that each learns in a variety of ways and at different rates. We acknowledge that some children have learning difficulties whilst others are gifted. We believe that one of the reflections of the Catholicity of our school is the way in which we endeavour to meet the needs of these children through our intervention and support programs. These programs provide support in class and through withdrawal.

The Religious Dimension of our school is very much reflected in our interpersonal relationships. This is demonstrated by our care for the students and through the respect, concern and support shown for each other.

We see ourselves very much part of the parish community and are happy to find ourselves with the spiritual guidance and support of our priests.

We recognise parents as the prime educators of their children in faith and in life and are privileged to work in partnership with them.

Come and Visit us at Holy Spirit Primary School

Holy Spirit Primary is now accepting enrolments for children eligible to commence Kindergarten. Enrolment enquiries are also welcome for primary school aged children seeking enrolment during the school year. School Tours can be arranged by contacting the office on 02 8886 3200 weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm or sending us an email. We hope to see you soon.

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