Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair, is a young vibrant parish which is still expanding in population especially on the southern side near Kemps Creek.

In 1996 it had, according to the census, a Catholic population of 12,500. According to the same Census the total population of the area was 30,119. So, 41.4% were Catholic.

It is a young parish. The 1996 census showed only 2.9% of the Catholic population was aged 65 years and over, 34% were aged under 14 years and 35.7% were aged between 25-44 years.

The parish has many gifts with its rich blend of cultures. The 1996 Census shows that 30.1% of the Catholics in Holy Spirit Parish were born overseas and 24.8% of those were born in non-English speaking countries; 2.0% are not proficient in English and 25.5% speak a language other than English at home. Of those born overseas Filipinos rate the largest, followed by those from Indian/Sir Lanka, Malta and Africa/Middle East.

The faith traditions of all our cultures, their diversity of expressions, together with strong family ties and a relatively high level of education provide a rich dimension to the life of Holy Spirit Parish.

Parish Life:

Results from the Australian National Church Life Survey conducted in the parish in 1996 show the following:

  • Parish is important to a large number of parishioners.
  • Parishioners feel a strong sense of belonging and for many this sense is growing.
  • Large numbers of parishioners are spiritually strengthened by Sunday Eucharist and they find the homilies very helpful.
  • About a quarter of the respondents undertake ministry roles in the parish; similar numbers participate in group activities in the parish. (See Phone Directory for the variety of Parish groups).
  • Outreach at all levels is central to the life and vitality of this young developing parish. At the opening of the first stage of the parish centre, Bishop Bede Heather put before the early parishioners a vision for the parish: “That they work towards developing our community as a worshipping, caring people with a sense of mission to those in need.” This vision continues to drive us.



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