The original parish church was built in 1985 as a multi purpose centre and a temporary place of worship.

The 1997 Parish Assembly approved the Strategic Pastoral Plan of the parish. Among other things the plan called for the "Creation of a Master Plan for the Entire Refurbishment of the Church to meet Liturgical Requirements." In particular, the plan was to promote the "full and active participation of the assembly" in liturgy.

In July 1998 ‘A church master plan development committee’ was set up. Its initial members were Fr Peter Wieneke, Fr Peter Confeggi (liturgical consultant), Rod Santos, Jenny Scholfield, Frederick Prins, and John Thomas (chairman). The committee was later expanded to include Marianne Gallagher, Bert Llamas and Fr Peter Tangey.

To meet the ‘liturgical requirements’ of the Holy Spirit Parish the committee identified the following needs:

  • Provision for a Marian Shrine, Eucharistic Chapel, Baptismal Font, Reconciliation Room, improved acoustics and sound system.
  • Consultation with the broader parish community.
  • Consultation with Diocesan liturgical advisors, acoustic experts and architects.
  • Approval from competent Diocesan authorities.

On November 8, 1999 the firm of Brian R Dowling and Associates, Architects, in Canberra was selected to undertake the design plans for the refurbishment.

On Sunday 30 July, 2000, the draft master plan for the refurbishment of the parish centre was presented to parishioners at the annual parish assembly, by which time the name of the Church Master Plan Development Committee had changed to Parish Church Restructuring Committee.

After a lengthy process of consultation the Parish Pastoral Council approved the new Master Plan on March 28, 2001. Approval from the Diocesan Liturgy Commission and the Bishop was also given at this time.

Work was completed in 2003 with the final results reflecting the vision of the 1997 Parish Assembly:

  • more of the assembly has been brought to gather around the Eucharistic Table
  • ventilation has been improved
  • there is more natural light in the church
  • the acoustics have improved to assist music and singing
  • there is be a chapel of reservation which will assist prayer and devotion
  • the baptism font has flowing water and allows immersion of infants
  • a space has been set aside for "Our Lady" Chapel
  • the gathering space is now distinct from the worship space
  • the facilities for socialising have been enhanced

Today we celebrate as a vibrant community in our refurbished Parish Centre. It is spacious and the sound has improved remarkably. All in all a great improvement and a joy in which to Celebrate.




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